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AdventureZona is a novel program created by the Outdoor Recreation team at Davis-Monthan AFB. This program is intended to provide participants with the opportunity to learn about the outdoors, survival techniques, and other important life-skills through a virtual platform that you can complete at your own pace.

Our goal is to make you more comfortable and safe when you explore the outdoors and to foster a sense of adventure that serves you well.

The first round of AdventureZona participation has ended. Stay tuned for the next round!

How It Works

Pick-up (or download from the Documents folder) your AdventureZona Outdoor Guidebook! There you will find a number of tasks that you can complete from the comfort of your own home. In order to participate in the program, you must do the following:

  • Complete tasks for points towards the Grand Prize. Each task has an associated number of points that can be earned for completion.

  • Submit a photo or video of you completing each activity (you must be present in the photo/video for credit) and the task answers to the ODR Facebook page. ODR Staff will review your submissions for completeness and accuracy of answers.

  • All Facebook posts must be made prior to midnight on the program end date. Only one post per task, so make sure you are confident in your newly learned skills.

  • Partial points may be awarded for partially completed or un-mastered tasks.

AdventureZona will run until July 31.

Grand Prize drawing will follow!


The information presented in this program is intended to serve as a guide for skill progression. By participating in any of the activities, you accept all risk of possible injury. This guide will not address every situation you may encounter in the wilderness. Traveling and recreating in remote areas can be hazardous or deadly. Always consult local authorities such as Forest Service field offices and park rangers before embarking on a journey. Always maintain situational awareness and pursue caution if you are not sure about something.

Most importantly, stay safe and have fun!


For every 10 points you earn in this round, you'll be entered to win a $25 FSS gift card!

There are four of these gift cards up for grabs, and they can be used at any FSS facility that accepts credit card payments.

If you earn 70+ points, you'll be entered into the Grand Prize drawing! The Grand Prize is valued at over $1,200 and consists of:

Grand 6 Camping Tent; Radiant 200 Lantern; Two Camp Chairs; Four Trailbreak Pillows; Groundbreaker Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad; Four Siesta 30 Sleeping Bags; Tent Whisk w/ Dust Pan; Tent Peg/Mallet Puller

Let's get ready for an adventure!

Task Resources

Below you will find all the additional resources required to master each of your Guidebook tasks.

Intro to Camping in the Sonoran Desert

Task #1

This section covers the basics of what to expect while exploring the wilderness of the Sonoran Desert: how to plan for a camping trip, what to pack, safety tips, Leave No Trace, etc.

Please check out the accompanying resource PDF to help master this task.


Task #2

Learning how to make shelters in various conditions and out of various materials is a crucial skill to being able to stay safe while out in the wild. This section covers all the sheltering essentials so you always have a "roof" over your head.

Please check out the accompanying webpage resource to help master this task.


Task #3

Knowing how to make a fire out of different materials and in different settings is key to ensuring you always have access to this life-saving necessity. There are various fire-building methods, so it's important to be familiar with them all!

Please check out the accompanying webpage resources to help master this task.


Task #4

Having access to clean drinking water is perhaps the most important tool in your arsenal of survival skills. If you can't bring it with you, or have run out, it's important to know how to purify it and which sources to avoid altogether.

Please check out the accompanying webpage resource to help master this task.


Task #5

There are many ways of cooking over a campfire, and this section goes over some of the most common. Learning this skill will ensure you never go hungry (or only pack sandwiches and granola bars) while you're out exploring.

Please check out the accompanying webpage resource to help master this task.


Task #6

Maintaining a good sense of direction is crucial when going out into unknown territory, as it prevents you from getting lost or venturing too far. This section will teach the basics of navigation from using a compass to analyzing tree growth patterns.

Please check out the accompanying webpage resources to help master this task.

Trapping & Fishing

Task #7

This section covers the basics of how to trap or fish for your own food. In a survival situation, being able to provide food for yourself is an extremely important skill to have. Whether you're by fresh water or in the desert, you'll find the tools you need here.

Please check out the accompanying webpage resources to help master this task.


Task #8

Knowing how to properly tie knots can be useful for a number of situations that may arise while out camping. Various knots serve various purposes, so this section will cover some of the more commonly used knots and lashing methods for you to learn and practice.

Please check out the accompanying webpage resource to help master this task.

Don't forget to submit your points!

As you complete these different tasks, remember to submit your pictures to the Outdoor Rec Facebook page so you're earning points towards prizes!



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