• Bench Press Competition
    Fitness Center Events

    Bench Press Competition

    Friday, March 29th • Show time: 1515 & Start time: 1530 | Benko Fitness Center

    This event will take place at the Benko Fitness Center. Each competitor will get two or three lifts depending on the # of participants. The best one of the two or three lifts will be recorded and used to select the winner. The formula for this competition is weight lifted/body weight = points.

    • All rules and flow of the competition will be explained the day of the event.
    • It’s a free event
    • Register in advance at the Benko Fitness Center front desk
    • Register deadline 28, March at 1830
  • training
    Fitness Center Events

    Lift A Chinook Twice

    January 1 – February 28, 2019 | Benko and Haeffner Fitness Centers

    33,000 LBS + 33,000 LBS = 66,000 LBS

    Supplement your weight training program with a focused goal and work toward an incentive.

    Leg press • Leg Curl • Chest Press • Lat Pull Downs • Tricep Press Downs • Bicep Curls

    Every time you work out with the exercises specified above, log the total number of pounds lifted during that particular session. Ask for a log card from a Fitness staff members, and once you reach a total weight of two Chinooks, turn in that card to a staff member to tally the numbers. Small incentive prizes will be awarded for completion of the program.

Personal Trainers

Get fit with the help of a Personal Trainer!

Available at both the Benko Fitness Center and Haeffner Center.  All sessions are with certified trainers and cover cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

For more information, please contact the Benko Fitness & Sports Center at 228-0022

Document Library

Please visit our Document Library to download forms, publications, flyers and other helpful infomtion available from our facility.

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Contact Benko Fitness Center

Front Desk
(520) 228-0022

5200 Ironwood St.
Bldg. 2301

Registered users can still access both facilities with our 24/7 access.

Monday - Friday
0500 - 2100

Saturday - Sundays

24/7 access for registered CAC holders


Contact Haefner Fitness Center

(520) 228-3714

Sixth St.
Bldg. 2505

Monday - Friday
0400 - 1900

Weekends, Holidays, and Down Days:
0800 - 1600


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